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Fanfare Dedication "The Order of Anthony Wayne"

Article 28.10.2014, 00:51

My good friend of some 30+ years, WO2 Phil Evans RM, is the Director of Music of the Valley Forge Military Academy in Wayne, Pennsylvania.  The Order of Anthony Wayne is the highest award that can be bestowed on a cadet at the Valley Forge Military Academy & College. This piece was written especially for the young men and women at the VFMAC and it is my proud honour to dedicate this fanfare to the Coronation Heraldic Fanfare Trumpet team at the VFMAC. The Coronation Heraldic Fanfare ...


Lineage chosen as one of the 'Pictures of Ireland" celebrating Waterford's 1100th Birthday

Article 28.10.2014, 00:27

It was a real honour to have a piece of mine played for such an esteemed event and by such a talented orchestra. The inspiration for this composition has been my grandparents or, more accurately, my memories of them.   It strikes me that part of the end product of composition is to leave one’s mark; not necessarily for posterity, but more as a form of self-expression for analysis not only of the music but of the composer’s psyche and perhaps even the composer’s heritage. With the thought ...


"Who would have thought it strange that all of us would change"

Article 14.06.2013, 09:28

DAYTRIPPER is a new 3 day music festival for Waterford, taking place at Bolton Street in the historic Viking Triangle and, as the name suggests. hopes to bring music fans from the South East and beyond into Waterford for 3 days of top quality entertainment, with music for all tastes. The event will have headline acts that have sold out 15,000 tickets at Dublin’s 02 venue in recent time. Each day will have a support line up of 4 other great live acts, including some brilliant bands from ...


BA Honours

Article 19.01.2013, 12:06

I received my degree from Waterford Institute of Technology early in January. It was a great honour to be a part of the ceremonies and a day I will never forget. Studying for the degree allowed me an opportunity to be exposed to aspects of the music industry that I would possibly never have looked into of my own volition, such as sampling and synthesis and other aspects of music technology. The production aspects were fascinating too and becoming familiar with production programmes, which are ...


Big Breakfast Blaast & Co.!

Article 23.10.2012, 17:50

Have you ever wished you could play a musical instrument?   Did you learn an instrument as a kid and regret giving it up? RTE's new series 'Instrumental' proves it’s never too late to pick up an instrument… especially if the end goal is to play live on stage with the RTE Concert Orchestra. Following on from the success of RTÉ’s programme ‘Instrumental’   WLRfm’s     “The Big Breakfast Blaa” presenters Timmy Ryan and Karen Doyle   are going to learn to play the ...

Mitch's Performance Preferences

Article 15.08.2012, 16:22

Asymmetric Mouthpieces    Phaeton FX1100     FH700 Flugelhorn Mitch’s Trumpet: I play a Phaeton FX1100 trumpet. This is the big boy of the Phaeton range. Its antique brush brass finish, body braces and HEX shape heavy weight caps and finger buttons give it a distinctive look that turns heads while the large 128mm bell and ML bore provide a rich, powerful sound that is usually synonymous with heavier instruments. The 3 custom bracing sets, machined from Stainless Steel, Bronze and ...


"Pitch" at the Adelphi Riverside Bar

Article 04.08.2012, 13:32

At the Tower Hotel cool jazz is the order of the day as jazz duo “Pitch” play in the Adelphi Riverside Bar at the Tower Hotel this Wednesday from 9pm for the first time. Though you may not have heard of the duo before, they are both busy  established musicians in their own right and come together in duo format on a regular basis to suit the occasion. They call themselves “Pitch” and this may be a musical reference to the height or depth of a musical sound or it may be that black, tarry substance ...


Jeudi Jazz

Article 20.05.2012, 23:11